Monday, 29 November 2010

Environment No.1 : Lake Castle.

So, to kick off environment week I started with this texture and it said to me trees and mist and water. I wanted to try and keep a watercolour feel to the piece and so worked on building up the trees quite subtley. I felt it needed a focal point and so put the castle in the lake.
I was pretty happy with the feel of the piece and didn't want to be to precious about it, so to finish off, I adjusted the contrast to give it a little boost and enlarged the castle, as I felt it looked a little puny before.
After I had finished, I was playing about trying to make it look more misty and after having whacked the contrast right down this night time version sort of evolved from it. Changed the season from Autumn to Winter, added a mysterious light to the top castle window and voila same piece different mood. Check back in tomorrow for the next one.

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