Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Environment No. 2: The Forest Road.

Oooh, the snow has finally made it to Essex today, so far though it is kind of wet and lame, hoping for some of the good stuff overnight. On to todays enviro. This was the purple green one and it stirred in me images of Mirkwood from the Hobbit so I started off in that vein.

I started putting in some shadows to create the forms of the trees, and lighter areas for the grassy bank over to the right.

Continued building up the forms and the contrast.
Then I added a road in to lead viewers into the picture, the sunlight streaming through the leaves was added last. I think the final result is a little more friendly than what I was originally going for. More like the Night Elf lands in World of Warcraft, but still quite pleased with its atmosphere.

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