Sunday, 19 December 2010

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

Season's greetings folks! It must be that time of year again as I have found myself doing something art related for the local infants school Christmas Fayre.
This time I was asked to do a Christmas themed cut out face board, like those you see at the seaside, where you put your face through the hole and it joins on to an amusing body.
So a 4ft by 4ft board was procured and the fruits of my festive labour were as thus, modelled by my three little urchins.
Happy Christmas!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Environmrnt No. 5: River Delta

Despite the fact my nose is streaming like a tap, I've finished the last enviro of the week. I guess all those walks in the snow lowered my resistance to the cold germs going around. Nevermind, must soldier on.
So this was another green one, I didn't want to go for a tree themed piece again, as I stared at it I could see little islands surrounded by water emerge.

I worked in some sand coloured paint for where the little rivers would flow and gave a little more definition to the islands.

Then it was just a matter of putting in the water, adding a few highlights for reflected sun and voila, a river delta. I like this one, the fact that it has a different perspective to the others is a plus as well. In review, I think it was a worthwhile exercise this week. It has given the blog a focus and made me write each day, so it is something I will keep doing. I think for the next weekly project I will come up with a creature that would live in each of the five environments presented this week.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Environment No. 4: It's bleak up north.

Just a quick one today folks. No more than a few minutes on this one. The snow has been falling steadily all day and night and we now have a lovely blanket of white.
Did I mention I like the snow? Might have something to do with the fact I don't have to travel to work and there is a sizeable shop just round the corner so I don't have to venture far for provisions.
The kids were off school today and have seized control of the computer and my attention for various projects and homework, so not much chance of any work getting done.

Anyway, this was the yellowy one and as snow was on my mind I went for a snowscape. (By the way,"Never eat the yellow snow.") A tree lined pathway to a snowbound city.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Enviornment No.3 : When all hope is lost.

Well, we did get some snow, had a good snowball fight with my son Robin after school yesterday. The kids were a bit miffed that they had to go to school this morning though.
So, on to day three of the enviros. No process shots for this one as it took shape really quickly.
Starting from the green/blue texture I could see waves, really big waves. The darker marks on the left I thought could be a ship caught in the storm.
So I just darkened the swell of the waves and highlighted their crests. The ship was laid on with the brush tool set to multiply (incidentally, all these pieces have been done in Photoshop elements two.) The little lifeboat in the centre was put in to add some pathos to the scene, the brave souls have escaped the stricken liner but have little chance in the wrath of the sea, hence the title, "When all hope is lost." As regards time spent painting for atmosphere gained, I am pretty happy with this one.