Thursday, 29 October 2009

Tha Work Thang #17: Savage Encounters Miniatures

Wizards of the Coast have started officially previewing miniatures from the upcoming "Savage Encounters" set. Three of the minis I concepted have been featured so far, first up the Grey Slaad. I like this little fella, he captures the artwork from the monster manual nicely. Next up the Death Giant:
And the Black Slaad:

Below is some of the concept artwork I submitted for each of the pieces:

Images are copyright Wizards of the Coast 2009.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Tha Work Thang #16: Rogue Trader.

I am currently working on some starship designs for an upcoming Rogue Trader supplement. The core Rogue Trader game book has recently been released by Fantasy Flight Games so I can show you a few of the pieces I did for this book. These are all item illustrations showing some of the ephemera you can equip your Rogue Trader characters with.

Digital Weapons.

Captains Baton.

Mirror Shield. Mechanicus Axe.

All Images are copyright Games Workshop 2009.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Da Life Ting #7: The Rise of the Machines!!

I have a love hate relationship with machinery, I hate it and it loves to make my life a misery.
Recently our boiler gave up the ghost and we had to fork out for a new one (very expensive...ouch!), but this was the last in a line of machines that mutinied and tried to bring me down.
Over the last few weeks I have had to replace two printers (don't get me started on the lousy service I got from PC world, whom I will now avoid like the plague!), a monitor and a graphics tablet. The fridge is struggling and collecting water, tears trickling down its white goodly face. The bearings on the tumbledryer are voicing their discomfort, a nagging whine that pleads "Fix me." The car decided that it would bleed its power steering fluid all over the road and render itself inoperable just last week. This very machine that I type these humble words on splutters and coughs itself to life every morning, and I feel will soon join its brethren in the great scrapyard in the sky.
What I want is ROBUSTNESS! RELIABILITY! VALUE FOR MONEY! what I get is built in obsolescence, the shrugging shoulders of indifference, the overpriced greed of the corporate economy. Enough I say, stand up and be counted you manufacturers of machines, for one day they will rise and your greed will be your undoing! Mwa hahahaha.