Monday, 31 May 2010

Tha Work Thang #21: And whilst we are on the subject...

Here are a few pieces from recently released products. Firstly some starship designs from "Lure of the Expanse" a supplement for the Rogue Trader R.P.G.
We have "The Ordained Destiny." "The Wotan."
and "The Nihontu" an oriental inspired ship.

Images are the copyright of Games Workshop 2010.
Another piece for Rogue Trader, this time from the "Ascension" supplement showing Kasrkin power armour.Again copyright Games Workshop 2010.

On to some pieces from Goodman Games, first two are from Level Up Issue 3, showing the Knave class, and some bad dude servants of Amon.
The last piece is from "Azagar's Book of Rituals" and is called Consort Paradox.
Copyright Goodman Games 2010.

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