Monday, 27 July 2009

Tha Work Thang #13: Seekers of the Ashen Crown

Here we have three images produced for "Seekers of the Ashen Crown." An Eberron adventure produced by Wizards of the Coast. The images here are the "Kech Volaar" a tribe of goblins, "Fiendish Passage" and "Hive Foundation".

Images are © 2009 Wizards of the Coast LLC.


  1. Love that last one David, brilliant work!
    I bet the middle image was a nightmare to draw?

  2. Thanks Scott, wasn't hard to find inspiration for the kruthik image,(ahem...aliens)and it was fun to do.
    For the fiendish passage image I laid down a few block shapes in 3dsmax for the perspective and then painted over it, handy for those awkward perspectives! The picture represents an encounter from the adventure so had to match up with the map reference material.