Thursday, 2 April 2009

Tha Work Thang #2: Rise of the Nevret.

I created these concepts for the Dreamblade collectable miniatures game made by Wizards of the Coast. These were drawn just for fun, after the games production finished. I had a soft spot for the Nevret and had all sorts of ideas how the race could be expanded upon. The main one being they were in complete denial that they were in the dreamscape and they were the only sane beings amongst all the madness.

In other news, my printer has just given up the ghost. I need a new one urgently, to print off art orders, invoices, reference materials etc. So an investment in a new machine is required, any recommendations people? My budget is strictly limited.


  1. These are great! All the other DB artists I have spoken with have always looked back on the game very fondly. These would be great minis.

    The Zungar were my baby. How I miss them. There was one for set 7 that I was SO hoping to see as a mini. I spent way too much time working out a whole back story, religion, etc for them.

  2. Thanks Chris. I've really enjoyed looking at your pieces for the game too. I know what you mean about creating a backstory for the pieces. The potential to expand the races and lineages and how they would interact could have been great.