Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Tha Work Thang #36: THON currency

I was recently commissioned to do some coinage for the upcoming THON tabletop game. The mining clans of the Ordhren use these not only as currency but also as armour markings. Known as "Char" – The lifeblood of the Ordhren Empire. Each Starlight engraves mineral ingots and coinage with the symbol of their home world. The better the quality of the Mineral, the higher the demand. 

Check out the Game at:  www.facebook.com/ThonTheGame

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  1. I love that we both had an idea for square holes. In my world the coins are known as "squares" even though they're round. The dwarves string them on loops in counts of 10 so they don't have to plink down individual coins.

    Some dwarves get more decorative about it and overlay the coins like scale mail. A vambrace, greave, or helmet veil has it's base value + the number of coppers.