Friday, 3 December 2010

Environmrnt No. 5: River Delta

Despite the fact my nose is streaming like a tap, I've finished the last enviro of the week. I guess all those walks in the snow lowered my resistance to the cold germs going around. Nevermind, must soldier on.
So this was another green one, I didn't want to go for a tree themed piece again, as I stared at it I could see little islands surrounded by water emerge.

I worked in some sand coloured paint for where the little rivers would flow and gave a little more definition to the islands.

Then it was just a matter of putting in the water, adding a few highlights for reflected sun and voila, a river delta. I like this one, the fact that it has a different perspective to the others is a plus as well. In review, I think it was a worthwhile exercise this week. It has given the blog a focus and made me write each day, so it is something I will keep doing. I think for the next weekly project I will come up with a creature that would live in each of the five environments presented this week.

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