Thursday, 12 November 2009

Da Life Ting #10: Cobalt Troll

So, following hot on the heels of the silver dragon, here is my next foray into the world of sculpting. I wanted to do a monster this time and fished about for some things I could use as a base.

I found a cap for washing liquid which had a good shape for a neck and shoulders. To this I attached a polystyrene ball, ( I found these in the local craft shop and thought they would be good to model heads around.) I used a plastic lolly stick held on by a lump of super sculpey to hold the head in place. You can see these stages in the process shots.

I had no idea how this would all react in the oven, I was hoping that once covered in the clay and packing the inside of the model with aluminium foil would do the trick.
The monster evolved quite organically, I just went with what seemed troll like to me.

When he was sculpted I took him off to the oven. All was ok, no noxious fumes or anything. However, the polystyrene ball had completely vanished, leaving a hollow head. At least I could also dispense with the lolly stick now.
Onto painting, I was originally going for more of a stone colour for him, but quite liked the blue. I decided to name him a Cobalt troll because of the blue colour. So, there you have it...The Cobalt Troll!

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